About Real time data for ITMS

Hello Admin,
I have some queries related to Real time data for IMTS problem. See I have downloaded the static data and prepared it for Analysis but still there are some queries related to real time data, so can I get your contact number?

Hi Er,
We constantly monitor the forum. Let’s have a discussion here so that it may benefit others that have the same query. If beyond that you still need support, we’ll be glad to answer them over the telephone.

We have also updated the jupyter notebook to show you how you can download a weeks worth of data. Please see the same.

About realtime queries.
If you want the latest status of the buses, you have to do a during query and keep a short interval, let’s say last 5 minutes. (Assuming the time now is 6pm on November 24th)

If you’re using the API’s, your query should be like the following

url - https://pudx.resourceserver.iudx.org.in/resource-server/pscdcl/v1/search
post body -
“id” : “rbccps.org/aa9d66a000d94a78895de8d4c0b3a67f3450e531/pudx-resource-server/pune-itms/pune-itms-live”,
“time”: “2019-11-24T17:55:00+05:30/2019-11-24T18:00:00+05:30”,
“TRelation”: “during”

This translates to the following curl command -

curl -X POST
-H ‘Content-Type: application/json’
-H ‘Postman-Token: 7b0a3dec-cfaa-4e5a-9692-fd29fb07ec1c’
-H ‘cache-control: no-cache’
-d ‘{
“id” : “rbccps.org/aa9d66a000d94a78895de8d4c0b3a67f3450e531/pudx-resource-server/pune-itms/pune-itms-live”,
“time”: “2019-11-26T17:55:00+05:30/2019-11-26T18:00:00+05:30”,
“TRelation”: “during”

Or if you are using pyIUDX

from pyIUDX.rs import rs

rs = rs.ResourceServer(“https://pudx.resourceserver.iudx.org.in/resource-server/pscdcl/v1”)

id = “rbccps.org/aa9d66a000d94a78895de8d4c0b3a67f3450e531/pudx-resource-server/pune-itms/pune-itms-live

startTime = “2019-11-24T17:55:00.000+05:30”

endTime = “2019-11-24T18:00:00.000+05:30”

“”" The field data obtained here is a dictionary “”"

field_data = rs.getDataDuring(id, startTime, endTime)

References -

  1. Api Docs during query
  2. ITMS jupyter notebook

The real time ITMS procedure is now shown in the google collab notebook.