Notes on static gtfs (for itms)

Hi, I scanned through the static gtfs data (which forms the base over which realtime ITMS data comes) a bit and loaded it up on the Transitfeed ScheduleViewer ( Sharing some findings.

While the standard route has two shapes/patterns typically : onward direction and return direction, there seem to be many routes that have more than 2 shapes under them. PFA an excel which lists these counts:

So this might be something some folks may want to watch out for. I’ll suggest to leave out the routes with too many different patterns and focus on the ones which have a solid Onward and Return journey.

Side note: I don’t want to be a complainer here - Compared to other cities of India, Pune is a pioneer and trailblazer. Data improvement is damn difficult and a perennial work in progress. Most govt agencies simply don’t share because of some or the other minor issues (“it is not finalized yet” - how many times have we heard that?) and the data dies in darkness. But Pune is doing things differently and that is highly commendable. Amazing job done so far and I wish all the people involved all the very best. I’ve had a glimpse and known about the issues with this data (both static and realtime) since over an year now, couldn’t do much about it as a lone person on the outside, and it feels so good to see more technical minds concentrating on this stuff and thinking about it. Sharing small findings on a forum like this can be of benefit to all the participants so hoping to do more of that.

Please feel free to reply on this topic with your own findings.


Hi Nikhil,
Thank you so much for taking your time out and sharing your thoughts and findings.
Thanks also for the excel sheet which I’m sure will help some of the contestants.

We are also aware of the quality of data, and this is a problem with most of the data cities generate. Events like these help to bring out such problems and our hope is that cities take the feedback, which participants like you give, and act on it.
We thank your appreciation of our effort and hope we can continue this engagement even after the event.

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Hi, sharing a “patterns” dataset derived from the static GTFS and the code that made it.

column description sample value
stopsList concatenated list of stops in this pattern 35325|35022|33507|33192|33027|33543|34388|35611|35802|32414|33262|32126|35896|35107|39257|39258|39571|38827|39594|4036|39414|39484|39483|39518|39482|1715|39537|39485|39663|467
route_id route 10
tripsList concatenated trip_id values that follow this pattern of stops NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-0640_0|NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-0715_0|NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-0750_0|NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-0840_0|NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-0915_0|NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-0955_0|NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-1050_0|NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-1120_0|NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-1200_0|NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-1325_0|NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-1400_0|NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-1435_0|NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-1535_0|NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-1620_0|NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-1705_0|NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-1800_0|NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-1850_0|NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-1940_0|NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-2100_0|NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-2145_0|NORMAL_10_Keshavnagar To Swargate_Down-2235_0
start_times list of first stop departure_time values 06:40:00|07:15:00|07:50:00|08:40:00|09:15:00|09:55:00|10:50:00|11:20:00|12:00:00|13:25:00|14:00:00|14:35:00|15:35:00|16:20:00|17:05:00|18:00:00|18:50:00|19:40:00|21:00:00|21:45:00|22:35:00
end_times list of last stop departure_time values 07:37:25|08:12:25|08:33:51|09:22:02|09:57:02|10:33:23|11:37:31|12:07:31|12:46:37|14:21:39|14:49:14|15:29:10|16:34:10|17:19:10|18:09:54|19:07:37|20:00:05|20:36:32|21:59:35|22:35:11|23:17:25
numstops number of stops in this pattern 30
numtrips number of trips that follow this pattern 21
from name of starting stop Keshavnagar
to name of ending stop Swargate
WKT geo-line of the pattern in WKT format, can be rendered on map LINESTRING(73.94418 18.53484,73.94084 18.53351,73.94034 18.53107,73.93369 18.53284,73.92866 18.53419,73.92066 18.53349,73.91759 18.53246,73.91454 18.53391,73.91092 18.53587,73.90392 18.53899,73.90161 18.53914,73.89539 18.53946,73.8903 18.53972,73.88313 18.53546,73.87746 18.53252,73.8762 18.52876,73.87669 18.52569,73.87532 18.52359,73.87133 18.52424,73.86913 18.52342,73.86766 18.52036,73.86845 18.51865,73.86854 18.51747,73.86883 18.51257,73.86843 18.51055,73.86857 18.50578,73.86809 18.50099,73.86381 18.49982,73.86118 18.50011,73.85817 18.49928)