Pollution Data download

I am trying to download the pollution data , but its not allowing me to download the data for more than 15 days in one one go. Is there any possiblity to download the bulk data in one go . I using the same during () query given in the examples. I would be great If we can get data same as for IMTS Problem .
Please let me know .

Hi Rajat. You can download data for more than 15 days for AQM and more than 1 day for ITMS using the /download API.
You can still use the same “during query” and batch the time duration in denominators of 15 days.

For the case of ITMS, I’ve shown an example of how to do it on the jupyter notebook.
We’ve updated the AQM jupyter notebook to show how to use downloaded data too.

An example of how to do it using plain API’s is as shown.
You will need the resourceServerGroup ID, which you will find in pudx.catalogue.iudx.org.in -> search for aqm with “tags” as a filter and click details on any of the items in the list to find “Resource Server Group”
Using CURL

curl -X POST
-H ‘Content-Type: application/json’
-d ‘{
“resourceServerGroup” : “urn:iudx-catalogue-pune:pudx-resource-server/aqm-bosch-climo”,
“options”: “all”

This will give you a google drive URL where data is sorted according to week of the year.
You can download it and continue your analysis.

Alternatively, you can find the download functionality in the jupyter notebboks as well.

Let me know if you need any additional clarifications.

Hi Admin
I tried a lot using both postman and the query given in jupiter notebook but unable to get the data. Even if i go to the google drive link I see no file over there.

Hi. Small issue in the file hosting server.
We’ll restore it in a few minutes.
I’ll post here as soon as it is done.

Thanks for quick feedback.

Hi. It’s back up.
Apologies for the down time and having you try it incessantly.
Please go ahead and let me know if you encounter any more issues.