Submission Instructions and sample test points

Submission Day: Dec 7

What has to be submitted :

For Citizen App:

  • Link for the webapp application OR application executable file
  • In case of Application executable additional documents describing platform for which the app is built, manual containing instructions (preferable screenshots/images) to load application to the test platform
  • Brief video presentation explaining the key features of the app and usage (Max length 5 min)
  • Presentation slides detailing the following: Solution overview, novelty, ease of use etc. (Maximum of 6 slides)

For Data Science problem:

  • Output CSV file for the test points
  • Presentation slides detailing the following: Design, algorithm overview, innovation highlights, training and testing strategy etc. (Maximum of 6 slides)
  • Optional: A video presentation describing your solution and approach (max 3 minutes)
  • Adequately commented source code

Submissions will be via google forms and it will be made available on the Datathon page (

For data-science additional comments:

  • The test points will be made available by 9 am (IST) on Dec 7 (Saturday). You have till 11 pm (IST) Dec 7 for the COMPLETE submission.
  • Sample test points for ITMS Bus tracking and Pollution exposure is attached. Expected output CSV files are also attached. Please ensure that for output csv, the order of outputs is identical to the inputs.

Any further clarifications can be posted in the Questions category

Please find the attached.

Sample_AQM_Output.csv (68 Bytes) Sample_AQM_Test.csv (432 Bytes) Sample_ITMS_Output.csv (164 Bytes) Sample_ITMS_Test.csv (284 Bytes)